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Residual Income CAPPED @ $100,000 Per Month

Yes, you read that right. Take a moment and say that out-loud

Residual income capped at $100,000 per month

And you can get to this in as little as 18 months. 18 MONTHS!

This is the MLM you’ve all been looking for. Don’t stop what you’re already doing, but take a look at this new offer. It’s literally the easiest and most legitimately, realistic MLM program out there. In 24 months, you’ll be receiving a $100,000 check in the mail every month.

You WILL regret passing this by


Company Overview:
Retire in 24 months! No gimmicks, no get-rich-quick schemes, just a revolutionary marketing concept that has arrived at the perfect time.

To provide you with a steadily growing income over the next couple years so that you can retire in 24 months.

NatraBurst provides a wide variety of nutrients in ONE formula. You would typically need to purchase multiple products to achieve the same benefits. One serving of NatraBurst gives you more than taking dozens of capsules!

A Powerhouse of Vitamins, Minerals, Protein, Enzymes, Antioxidants & More…

* High quality protein
* Natural fiber
* More antioxidants than 6 servings of fruits and vegetables
* Digestive enzymes
* Prebiotics & Probiotics for improved digestive health
* Resveratol, Grape Seed, Quercitin
* Natural appetite suppressants
* Good tasting
* More than 30 super foods containing potent phyto (plant) nutrients

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I Love NatraBurst!

OMG………I’ve only been using NatraBurst for 2 weeks and I feel so much better. Knowing the long-term benefits my body will receive from this product makes me feel so blessed.

I’ve been in many MLM programs and have never seen a dime. I received a check after 3 weeks in the program. The man who wrote this compensation plan is a genius.

What a value. It costs about $2.00 per day. Do you know what it would cost to buy the equivalent amount of fruits and vegetables every day? Have you priced fruit lately?

Name a disease. NatraBurst has something in it to help, restore or prevent so much of what ails us today. It can increase energy and reduce appetite too. Where was this stuff when I was a kid? My Mother made me eat so much broccoli… yuck.

Look up on the internet what a great food spinach is. It helps prevent artery disease, memory loss, cataracts and macular degeneration. NatraBurst is loaded with it.

NatraBurst has pomegranate juice extract in it. Research suggests this could be important in preventing heart disease, heart attacks and strokes. It improves the flavor of plain or vanilla yogurt too!

The product contains enzymes that will help bread down protein and carbs and fibers that give a feeling of fullness. It helps to curb the appetite. At $2.00 per serving per day this is an incredible value.

Here is a business opportunity for the little guy. I figure the maximum investment is about $350.00. That will meet your purchase obligation for 5 months. After 5 months, the commissions should offset the cost of the purchase obligation. After month 6 or 7, the commission potential accelerates every month. Look, in your personal downline you get paid $1.50 per unit purchased every month 12 levels deep. Do the math. My numbers show a monthly income of over $40,000 per month after about a year. And that is only 3 people wide by 9 levels deep. Go a little wider or a little deeper any you can max out your commission income ($100,000.00 per month, yes I said per month) So where else can you possibly leverage a $350.00 investment into an income of $1,200,000 per year plus bonus (that is 1.2 million dollars a year if you have trouble with zeros the way I do)?

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3 Easy Steps to Getting Started
Our program is designed to help you succeed in the One24 program and it is incredible simple to participate. Here are the steps:

1) Join our team by putting your name on our Wait List!

2) When we send you a Green Ticket number, you will have 24 hours to use it to sign up in the One24 program. Please do not wait; after the 24 hours is up, we will offer the Green Ticket to the next person.

3) Whenever we ask you for a Green Ticket number, please email your next available Green Ticket number to us. We are going to offer them to new people on our Wait List to help you fill your down-line with Green PCs!

That’s it!

You can see how the THE124PLAN Program has the potential to be a huge money-making engine!

And the BEST PART is that the THE124PLAN Program is a completely FREE service! We will never ask you to send us anything except the numbers that we need to help you sign up new Green PCs for your down-line!

Simple. Easy. Brilliant.

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What does THE124PLAN do?
First, let me start by saying that it was no mistake that you found the THE124PLAN website. This was a very calculated move on our part. We have spend a lot of time and money marketing this website to be highly visible to all of the major search engines. If you know anything about internet marketing, you know that this is no small task.

We have addressed all five of the roadblocks that stand in the way of you having a real chance of succeeding in One24.

Here’s how we remove the 5 roadblocks to your success (and we do it absolutely FREE)…

1) THE124PLAN cuts the wait time down tremendously. Since we always have a flush pipeline of brand new One24 participants, we always have Green Tickets available every month!

2) Because all we do is actively internet market, we attract thousands of potential One24 participants to our website every month. That means even if you do nothing but sign up underneath us, you’ll automatically be actively recruiting new potential participants to use your Green Tickets.

3) You don’t need to make your friends and family uncomfortable. If you don’t care, then by all means, solicit them like crazy, but you might be more likely to get Green referrals even without actively soliciting.

4) The Green Ticket members that we refer to you are eligible for our referrals as well and so are their Green Ticket members! That means the best person you can have under you is one that we recommended to you because we are going to attempt to grow their down-lines as well!

5) Building your pipeline is what will make us all money! It’s in our best interest that you make a ton of money! Our goal is to get everyone that signs up under us multiple referrals for their Green Tickets. The more you get, the faster you’ll reach your goals!

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Think about it this way – We make it EASIER
The expectation of the One24 program is that once you sign up on someone’s Wait List you will wait until you get a Green Ticket from that person once it’s your turn (or maybe you get in on the Gold Rush). This process could take months because One24 participants only get one ticket per month to give away. If you’re third in line on someone’s Wait List, you could potentially wait up to three months to join One24 (again, unless you’re lucky enough to get in on the Gold Rush). Once you finally get the opportunity to join One24, now you have to drive people to your personalized website so that they can add their name to your Wait List so that they may eventually join up under you. The people that you signed up under (your up-line) will have you believe that this is easy as pie, however, many participants will soon figure out, it is definitely NOT easy.

After that, you have to count on those people that do sign up underneath you to do the same thing that you are doing: Recruit! (You only make large amounts of money if the people underneath you are bringing on more people, and those people are bringing on people, etc, etc.)

Finally, you have to do this at least a dozen times over to ensure that you will make the big windfall of money that you are hoping for.

So before you sign up with the person that referred you…

Do you have a plan for getting people to sign up under your Wait List? Have you thought about what you are going to say? Do you really think it is as simple as handing someone a card with your website on it and saying “Hey, check out my site. If you like what see, I’ll put you on my Wait List.”?

If that is your plan, I have bad news for you: It doesn’t work. Most people are simply too skeptical by nature to just join, and even if they do, they will not be around for long if their monthly shipment expense is not dwarfed by their income. You need to either be extremely influential within you circle of friends and family, or you’re going to need a proven strategy.

That’s where THE124PLAN comes in! We have solved all five problems!

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Avoid the 5 Roadblocks to One24 Success
THE124PLAN addresses the five major roadblocks to success in the One24 program. Those roadblocks are:

1) The wait – If you just put your name on someone’s Wait List, you could potentially wait for months to get a Green Ticket to join the program.

2) Recruiting people – Once you join, if you want to make a lot of money, you have to get people to use your Green Tickets and join underneath you. Do you know 24 people that you think will do it? Most people think they do, but when hard pressed to come up with the names, they simply can’t. The challenge is finding and recruiting your down line.

3) The perceived stigma of selling a MLM program to your friends – How many people will think that you’re just another Amway salesman? Will your friends and family be put off by your advances on them to join your multi-level marketing scheme? Most people will avoid asking their close personal friends and family to avoid rejection and embarrassment.

4) Making sure that the people you bring on are actually good recruiters – If they can’t bring on top producers like you can, you will not make the big numbers that you are hoping for. You only get 24 Green Tickets, you need to make them count!

5) Repeat this a 2 dozen times – You need to get people sign up and they all need to get people to sign up. It sounds so easy. It’s not. Remember: These types of programs cannot create large amounts of money with a LOT of people.

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Most likely you were referred to someone’s One24 website to research the One24 program and sign up on his or her Wait List. Then, before signing up, you probably started doing your own independent research on the web and you found us. Lucky for you!

Before understanding all of the benefits of the THE124PLAN program, you should first have an understanding of how the basic One24 program works. If you already know the basics of One24, then please keep reading. If not, we can get you up to speed quickly with the videos available on INTRO, INCOME, GOLD, TRAINING above!

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That’s right, if you’re interested in becoming a millionaire and living life under your own terms, you’re exactly who we are looking for. We’re not professional multi-level marketing types, we’re professional INTERNET marketing types.

What does that mean to you? It means if you sign up for One24 with US as your partner, you don’t have to go it alone. We invest in internet marketing so that we build the largest pipeline of people interested in One24 ANYWHERE. We take that backlog of individuals and GIVE THEM TO YOU!!

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If you’re ready to get started on your road to financial independence without feeling like a door-to-door vacuum salesman then you’re ready for THE124PLAN.

Need more information about One24? Visit our WHAT IS THE124PLAN page.

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One24 is a new and unique business opportunity for people interested in taking control of their financial future. The system is designed to allow you to build wealth in a fashion in-step with your lifestyle.

View the INTRO, INCOME, GOLD, & TRAINING videos above in the navigation to GET STARTED.

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